Thomas W. Commeraw


Examples of Commeraw / Corlears Hook stoneware, of which I am seeking photos:

Stoneware Jugs, Jars, Pitchers, etc. by Thomas Commeraw (and David Morgan)

1. Typical jars and jugs (or more unusual forms like pitchers) stamped "COMMERAWS / STONEWARE / CORLEARS HOOK / N. YORK," or variations thereof. (Commeraw's name is often omitted.)    2. More elaborate or otherwise "special" examples of Commeraw's work.   3. Canning jars like these that bear the names of merchants stamped in the manner of Commeraw's maker's marks (for example, "DANIEL / JOHNSON. AND Co No 24 / LUMBERSTREET / N. YORK").   4. Stoneware clearly made by Commeraw, similar to his signed work, but stamped with merchants' advertising (for example, "ASHMORES. GENUIN / CORDIALS PREPAIRD / BY. W. FIELD. ONLY").   5. "DAVID MORGAN" stoneware or stoneware marked "COERLEARS HOOK" (note the slightly different spelling than Commeraw's other work) and usually adorned with incised floral designs.